Baby Scan

Scanxiety: how an early baby scan can make your pregnancy just a little bit easier

Well, if you’re here because you just found out your pregnant, congratulations! The next nine months will be filled with some of the happiest and overwhelming times of your life. Not only will you be excited about your new baby, but you will undoubtedly have worries and concerns and this is completely natural.  Most women start to feel nervous when they first find out they’re pregnant and with the first NHS baby scan not being available until you pass the 8-week mark, many expecting mothers are developing a newfound phenomenon called ‘scanxiety’.

baby scan

Scanxiety comes from all the uncertainty associated with pregnancy; the major worry being the one pregnant women have had since the beginning of time: is my baby healthy? With this in mind, many expecting mothers are turning to private scanning clinics to settle their anxious minds. According to a study by the Guardian, the phenomenon of pregnant women getting early pregnancy scans is on the rise.

Many women are finding that an early scan can be just the thing to put those worries to bed and focus on everything else that is necessary to welcome your new life to the world.

It is perfectly fine to have these anxieties and this is why a private pregnancy scans such as an ‘Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan’ can help you worry less and enjoy your pregnancy more. The package includes three black and white thermal prints, a report and a free re-scan.