4d scan in London

Are you looking for a 4d scan in London, if so, we can help advise you how to find the best one!

First, when searching for a 4d scan in London you will most probably be spoilt for choice as there are many ultrasound clinics around in the area.

But here we will advise on the best way to decide which one to choose.

When looking for a clinic that does a 4d scan in London I am sure most people will want to know is it safe? The answer to that question is yes, there is no evidence that 4d Ultrasound scans are unsafe for your developing baby.

A 4d scan is like a 3d scan but the image shows movement, unlike a 3d scan, so a 4d scan is a kind of like a video. On a good 4d scan you can sometimes see the baby sucking on his/her thumb or closing and opening his/her eyes, some 4 d scans have even captured baby doing a wee!

When thinking of getting a 4d scan in London you would have to go to a private ultrasound clinic as a 4d scan is not available as part of your normal antenatal care on the NHS.

If you are thinking of going for 4 d scan in London, the best time to go is between 27 and 36 weeks, the baby should have enough fat by then and should be more photogenic.

Once you have booked your 4d scan in London, there are a couple of things you need to do before you go for the scan, drink plenty of water beforehand, at least one or two full glasses, this should help with the quality of the scan the sonographer can give you. Also, be sure to wear loose clothing so it can easily be lifted or removed ready for the 4d scan to take place.

When you are having your 4d scan in London, the sonographer will not hurt the baby, the ultrasound waves that are produced will bounce off the babies body and produce echoes that are then turned into images on the screen.

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